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Follow in the footsteps of thousands who have already enjoyed the CSN-effect and journey with us.

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Fat Elimination and Weight Loss!

The CSN programme is a natural eating programme aimed at Fat Loss and Healthy Living, and offers drastic and permanent weight loss results, and a significant improvement of your overall health and well-being. Not only does it make you feel great but its a lifestyle that can be followed long after your goal weight has been achieved. There are many studies that show that being overweight can cause debilitating lifestyle diseases. From just a few kilo’s to obesity, CSN can help you with an accessible and healthy diet. Together with the program is a lifestyle eating guide to help you along the way.

10-Day Detox Plan

10-Day Detox Plan

Phase 1 of the CSN programme will kick start your weight loss, giving you the results you need to stay motivated.

CSN natural supplements

CSN natural supplements

Our specially formulated capsules and tablets are designed to keep you from being hungry and snacking in between meals.

Simple, easy and affordable

Simple, easy and affordable

No need for complicated dishes or unusual grocery lists. Enjoy normal, everyday foods, together with convenient supplements. Just leave those sugar treats off the list!

CSN health retreats

CSN health retreats

Join one of our retreats to boost your confidence and weight loss. We have various options ranging from the Western Cape to Pretoria. All designed to make sure that you start your diet the right way and in good company!

Success Stories @ CSN

Chereé Strydom 23 Kgs in 16 Weeks

South African Country singer, Chereé Strydom, lost 23kg in 16 weeks, despite her challenging and random lifestyle in the lime light. “Once I made the mind shift,” she claims, “it was easy to stick to the programme. You simply make the choice to change, and honour it.” 

Two years later, Chereé still enjoys her slimmer, healthier self. As a mother of two young children, she hopes to set a healthy and sustainable example when it comes to making food choices.

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CSN 30 Day Bundle


CSN 10 Day Detox Bundle