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University of the Free State signs R5 million agreement on research on obesity, diabetes and related diseases.

The Department of Internal Therapeutics at the University of the Free State signed a collaboration agreement to establish a brand new Metabolic Research Unit at the University.

The agreement was signed at a gala event at the Bloemfontein campus on Monday 2 June, 2014.

Christo Strydom, internationally known for his treatment of lymphedema, invested R5 million for the establishment of this unit at the University of the Free State. Strydom is also the founder and owner of Christo Strydom Nutrition.

The unit will focus on obesity, diabetes, metabolic bone ailments as well as related illnesses such as cholesterol, cancer, psoriasis, lymphedema, tiredness, high blood pressure, arthritis, fibrosis, skin disorders, PMT, migraine, insomnia, gall, kidney stones, infections and obstructive sleep apnoea.

 According to Professor Willie Molentze, a world-renowned geriatrician at the Department of Internal Therapeutics, the research will also include clinical testing.

Professor Mollentze, together with Dr Wimpie de Lange and Dr Gerda Marx form the team that will establish and develop the Metabolic Research Unit.

South Africa, as is the case in other developing countries, is burdened by non-contagious illnesses such as overweight and obesity, says Prof Mollentze.

The first South African Health and Nutrition research report in 2013 states that approximately 34% men and 65% women in South Africa are overweight or suffer from obesity.

Approximately 18 months ago, the team at the University became aware of Strydom’s success in treating lymphedema patients and people with obesity and approached him with the intention of signing a collaboration agreement.

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Prof Willie Molentze speaking from the Christo Strydom Metabolic Research Centre at the University of the Freestate about CSN, Obesity, Lymphodemia etc in an interview with Barcroft Media. This insert was filmed as part of the coverage of Busisiswe Zulu’s journey with CSN that will aired in December 2015 on International TV.

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