How CSN Can
Help You Take Back Control


The CSN Eating Plan, together with our range of scientifically tested supplements, allow you to take back control of your weight and health.

By choosing wholesome, unprocessed foods, and eliminating sugar from your diet, you will achieve rapid weight-loss, improve your health, and get your quality of life back.

Have your biochemical measurements taken before you start with the CSN Programme: have your blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure levels tested. As you lose weight you can keep track of your progress!
Keep track of the food you eat, and the amount of weight and centimetres you lose. This way you get to know your body, and acknowledge its power!
Once you reach your goal weight, you still need to make healthy food choices, and avoid sugar and processed foods. Remember, if you go back to your old eating habits, you will go back to your old weight! Keep healthy and happy.

Start by taking control of yourself and decide on a date to begin your journey.  Before that date, if you feel the need to enjoy sugary desserts and fatty foods, take outs or meals that will become a thing of the past, do so and get it out of your system.  Once you begin you will find that the foods you had before are a thing of the past. A fresher, healthier alternative is waiting for you on the CSN health program.

Take control of your lunch box when going to school or work. You will find that instead of an afternoon feeling sluggish and lethargic, you will feel energetic. Those dreaded afternoon tasks will vanish and in its place you will charge ahead of the others!  There are many alternatives to take outs and you can find many of them here on our website or even better on our Facebook page.  The internet is filled with healthier meals.

Take control of your eating while on a road trip. Pack healthy alternatives such as cauliflower and broccoli. Ring the changes with home made hummus on protein days (chickpeas with lemon and a dash of virgin olive oil) and see the difference. No more aggression on the road, tiredness after a short distance.

Take Control when visiting friends for outdoor meals or picnics, indoor feasts and celebrations. Ask your host what is planned and make a decision whether you can eat what is on offer in limited quantities, or enquire if you can take your own. Most hostesses will appreciate your offer and you can always take enough for all guests to try your healthy alternative.

CSN Offers 5-day Health Retreats

Pretoria Retreats!

Not motivated to start your new body journey alone? Join one of our retreats to boost your confidence and kick-start your weight loss journey. Different options are available to suit your schedule. You will join a group of like-minded people, supported by an experienced CSN Lifestyle Coach. Give your body the break it deserves!