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CSN... Tried & Tested

Driven by its founder, Christo Strydom, CSN evolved from a diet used by pilots to pass their cyclical medical examinations. Its now a trusted, household name.

Fascinated by the diet’s results, Christo completed unauthorised trials to refine the programme and products to such an extent that it caught the attention of medical scientists.

The official results of a recently completed study done by the University of the Free State at the Christo Strydom Metabolic Research Centre were completed and will soon be published.

Our research and development journey is now at the stage where the product is available to the public via the online store or at an approved outlet near you.

Why CSN?

Since its inception, CSN became the lifestyle of choice for people from all walks of life.  From those suffering from lifestyle diseases such as, obesity, to those with Diabetes and Lymph issues. 

This includes everyone including celebrities, models, fitness athletes. Why? Because the CSN product range and its eating plan, can improve your lifestyle in just a few short weeks.  Together with healthy food groups, the CSN product range can ensure that you live a long and healthy life.

The products have been designed in such a way that you can carry on a normal daily routine with only minor changes and no exercise necessary!  By all means continue to walk and exercise after the first phase which is a 10 day detox program and watch those centimetres fall away.

If you are suffering from debilitating diseases such as Diabetes, Thyroid or Lymphedemia, then its time to start the CSN diet and get your life back on track.


CSN is tried and tested

Our programme is subject to continuous scientific testing. Follow in the footsteps of thousands who already enjoy the CSN-effect.

CSN’s supplements are natural

Our specially formulated capsules and tablets load you with the needed nutrition for optimal results.

CSN gives immediate results

Our 10-day detox will kick start your weight loss, giving you the results you need to stay motivated.

CSN agent support you all the way

Help and motivation is just a call away. Dial your support agent for help with food choices, difficult days, or to celebrate milestones.

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