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Unbelievable Weight Loss Results

The CSN programme and how we do it!

The CSN weight loss programme is a 60-day six-phase weight-elimination programme of which the first 10 days is an intense detox programme. During the detoxing phase, dramatic weight loss occurs.

Thereafter, you follow phase 2 that is a balanced eating programme – specially formulated for further weight loss and improved health. Phase 2 consists of a protein balanced meal plan including eggs for breakfast, meat and veggies for lunch and dinner.

You will never be hungry during the entire 60-day program!

The key to CSN’s success is our specially formulated CSN vegetable-based natural health supplement.

CSN understands that it is not always easy to include enough fresh vegetables in your diet to fulfill all your nutritional needs. That is why we use an advance process to dehydrate fresh vegetables, while retaining optimal nutritional levels.

This dehydrated product is called the CSN natural health supplement mix or tablets.

The CSN dehydrated natural health supplement mix and tablets include, among other, onions, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, bell peppers and celery. Vegetables are dehydrated within 24 hours after harvesting, when the nutritional value is still very high.

Besides the soup and tablets, the CSN programme is supported by a range of natural products. The active ingredients of our products are quality tested by the University of the Free State Laboratories.

CSN Products are manufactured and distributed by Christo Strydom Pharmaceutical & Natural Medicine Laboratories.

So what should you do?

Sign up for your CSN journey
Take control of your lifestyle and CSN will do the rest
The new healthier you will start appearing within days

Once you have made the decision to change your lifestyle and lose the unwanted weight, you will find that you are happier, have more energy and tasks such as walking or cycling become easier and more accessible.

Dreams of wearing a smaller size jeans or just fitting into an airline seat comfortably, can now become a reality.

Don't want to do it Alone? CSN Offers 7-day Health Retreats

Not motivated to start your new body journey alone? Join one of our retreats to boost your confidence and excel your weight loss.

Different options are available to suit your schedule. You will join a group of like minded people, supported by an experienced CSN-coach. Go on, give your body a break!

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