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CSN Launches in Mauritius

Mauritius has been a country of firsts. We have now been selected for the world launch of the renowned South African CSN Nutritional Program. The program has benefitted hundreds of South Africans and saved many lives over the past 15

The Program is aimed at personal longevity and is able to reversediabetes and cardio- vascular disease. After extensive scientific testing and proving, during which it was shown to be a literal life saver for persons struck with obesity and its consequences the results will be published shortly in the South African Medical Journal.

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The local representative of CSN Nutritional Products, Henry Holland, gave us a short overview of how the program works.

He indicated that through the ingestion of desiccated vegetable soup tablets and other capsulated vitamins and enzymes, the “natural systems in the body, for example the lymph system, are activated to function at their normal capacity, which they cannot do, when we are consuming our daily intake of feel good foods – which cause obesity.”

The resulting weight loss from being on the program, he said, which was sometimes up to a kilogram per day, had many benefits for patients. The most obvious of these were weight loss, more energy and increased vitality. These advantages he noted wryly, all had positive spinoffs, including the work place.

The program, he added, had been medically validated, and publication in the South African Medical Journal would be any day now, if not already, by the date of publication of this article.

The success and advantages provided by the CSN Program will provided to Medical Professionals, not only in Mauritius, but all over the World, where after they could prescribe this non-insulin dependent, nutritional, and natural eating program for patients suffering from obesity, diabetes and cardio vascular disease.

Holland said that CSN would be making a presentation to Medical Professionals concerned with obesity and its consequences in the first week of September at Bagatelle. This presentation would be videoed for National TV and thereafter uploaded to YouTube and Facebook. He further added that copies would be sent to all major world news networks – for world-wide distribution.

Medical Professionals who have attended the presentation at Bagatelle would be the first to be able to prescribe this revolutionary natural solution – for the age old human condition of obesity and its consequences.

The strategic plan of CSN International is to set up Health Holidays in Mauritius for patients afflicted with obesity he said. At these locations specialist medical personnel would be on hand to oversee patients whilst they were on the program. Essentially patients would arrive on holiday with a medical condition, partake in the program whilst on holiday, and depart again after thirty or sixty days, healthy and free of affliction.
We were informed that CSN International would be introducing the program to the Medical Professionals concerned with obesity and diabetes in Mauritius, at a conference to be held in the first week of September 2017 at Bagatelle.


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