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Karien Nel, CSN Ambassador and Transformation Winner of 2016!

Sep, 07 2017

My Weight Loss Journey with CSN

It’s almost 2 years since I lost more than 37kg over 15 weeks and reached my goal weight of 56kg.   

My story is not one of overnight success, but rather one of pushing limits, discovery, self-love and yes, quitting, a few times, but I never gave up.  I’ve cried over gaining weight when I weighed myself,  more times than I can remember.  But I celebrated my weight losses and learned that real happiness starts within.

Being overweight made me feel inadequate and often left me in a bad mood. This affected my self-esteem and I completely withdrew from social occasions, which in itself had a spiral effect. I truly hated the person staring back at me in the mirror.

There was a deep and profound longing within me that wanted to be healthy more so than anything else. I didn’t only want to lose weight, I wanted a lifestyle that I could enjoy without the guilt. I was sick of being depressed, overweight and unhealthy

I had reached the age of 47, having always had a weight problem.  And fad diets just didn’t work. So my last effort had to be the best one and I had to see it through the months that followed, no matter how tough it was going to be.

It was quit by chance that I came across the Christo Strydom Nutional program. I had heard many weight loss sales pitches and was not sure this one was going to be any different.  I had nothing to lose.

To begin with I appreciated the fact that the product was 100% natural.  CSN is different in that all the products on the program are designed organically and without any artificial flavourings or additives.

This meant that I could lose weight and regain my health, naturally. I started the program with great enthusiasm.  During the first week, I was elated to see a few centimetres disappear, then a kilo. Soon it was another kilo and another and so the weeks went by.  I was delighted to see the centimetres vanish and people started to comment on the visible changes.  I smiled more, went out with friends, and where I had wallowed in self pity before, I found myself enjoying the compliments.

I found myself with energy, my moods were more balanced and my body composition improved.  Within weeks I could see and feel the difference. I loved being able to buy clothes that showed off my new curves!  I no longer dreaded the mirror in the store and relished catching a glance of myself in the reflection of the windows in the mall.

It’s two years later and I have not regained the weight I lost on that journey.  I am now 100% committed to my health and well being and my lifestyle has changed completely.

My purpose now is to inspire, motivate and share my new found joy with the world.

Helping others to lose weight is my passion, helping you is my purpose

About the CSN Program

The active ingredients of our products are quality tested by the University of the Free State Laboratories. CSN Natural Health Supplements are manufactured and distributed by Christo Strydom Pharmaceutical & Natural Medicine Laboratories.

  • CSN is a 100% natural program, aimed at rapid, drastic weight loss without exercise.
  • CSN offers a significant improvement of overall health and well-being.
  • CSN is a 60 day, 6 phase weight-elimination program
  • The first 10 days are known as the Detox Phase.
  • Phase 2 is a balanced protein meal plan.
  • Health Products included in the CSN packages are:

1. Soup Mix (powder / tablets / capsules)

2. Green Powder Capsules (contains Iodine) / Barley Grass Capsules (no Iodine)

3. AloeMag Capsules

4. Packages available: Detox Pack 10 days or Month Pack 30 days

  • No hunger pains on CSN.
  • Eating plan provides instructions on how to get the most from your CSN product
  • Benefits include
    • No weighing food
    • Eat as much as you like from the allowed foods of the day
    • No special food on the CSN meal plan.

Our Motto is

Your health is priceless. Don’t treat it cheap.”

Welcome to the world of CSN, the Superhero of Weight Loss, Lymphedema, Diabetic Reversal, Psoriasis and Multiple Sclerosis!

For more info message me below

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