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Vaatjie [Gerhard Odendaal] – lost 37kg in 3 months

May, 20 2016

“People know me as Funny Vaatjie or Fat Visagie… But when you’re diagnosed with sleep apnoea and get a pacemaker implant, it’s no joke.” This is how Vaatjie van Mollie en Wors starts to tell his story that nearly ended in a disaster. He followed the CSN programme twice. “The first time, I lost 10kg. But unfortunately, I soon fell back into my bad habits. The second time round, I knew it was now or never. My life was falling apart. As I got bigger and bigger, doctors warned that I won’t see my child grow up…”

On the CSN programme, Vaatjie lost 37kg within three months. “It wasn’t easy, but definitely worth it. I feel fantastic and suddenly my life has purpose again. The best of all is that my pacemaker was switched off. Today I am healthy and free from high blood pressure and cholesterol – all thanks to CSN. Doctors are amazed at the disappearance of my heart condition. A sonar revealed that there is no damage to my heart and that it is no longer enlarged. Unbelievable! The damage was reversed with CSN’s products, programme and coaching.” Today, Vaatjie is a walking medical miracle.


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